What is an Air Receiver Tank and its Uses?

GWT Enterprise | February 16, 2023

Air receiver tanks are an integral part of any compressed air system, and are designed for two main purposes – to serve as short-term storage units during temporary demand spikes, and to help systems perform more efficiently overall.

On top of serving as storage tanks, these receivers also help reduce moisture. Dry receivers are placed after the air dryer or other air preparation equipment, and can minimise drops in the air pressure of a compressor system. Wondering about the benefits that air receiver tanks offer in a compressed air system? GWT Enterprise is an established air receiver tank supplier in Singapore, and we share some benefits that air receiver tanks can provide for your business.

Energy saving

Energy saving -air receiver tank

Adding an air receiver tank significantly improves the efficiency of your compressed air system and can provide energy saving benefits. This is done through reducing waste of compressed air from excessive sump blowdowns, lowering the pressure requirements for the air compressor and air network, in addition to increasing the efficiency of the air dryer by reducing moisture. Air receivers also enable fixed speed compressors to operate on a longer cycle and with tighter pressure bands, leading to reduced energy consumption. 

Particulate and dirt removal

During everyday air compressor operation, dirt particles and other foreign matter may bypass the air filter or otherwise find their way into the compressed air stream. This debris in the air stream can then result in blockages, premature contamination of filters, and excessive wear on tools and equipment.

This is how an air receiver tank can come in to help remove some of these particulates and dirt from the compressed air system, as some of this material will naturally fall to the bottom of the air receiver tank before air reaches the equipment that’s in use.

Increased efficiency of your air dryer

Increased efficiency of your air dryer-air receiver tank

The heat exchanger function of the air receiver tank aids with improving the efficiency of your air dryer. As air passes through the receiver tank, it cools. Cooler air doesn’t hold as much moisture as warm air, hence excess moisture condenses and falls out of the air as a liquid. The water is drained out of a valve at the bottom of the tank. By helping to remove some moisture in advance, the air receiver tank reduces the work the air dryer would otherwise be required to do. 

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Moisture removal

Atmospheric air typically consists of moisture that is drawn into the compressor during its intake cycle. The moisture holding ability of air increases as the temperature and pressure of compressed air temperature rises. Hot, compressed air typically holds moisture in a vapour state, but that moisture condenses into liquid form as the air cools beyond its saturation point. 

Air receiver tanks are typically uninsulated, meaning that hot compressed air enters the receiver tank and immediately starts to cool by transferring heat to the environment through the walls of the tank. 

Without an air receiver tank, this cooling happens in an airline and is commonly seen as liquid water emerging from the tools or equipment. With an air receiver tank, much of this liquid is collected in the bottom of the tank, which can easily be drained at the end of each working day. 

The air receiver tank is one of the least acknowledged champions in the compressed air system. That said, it is also one of the least expensive technologies that can offer a return on investment for your business.

On the search for a reliable supplier of air receiver tanks in Singapore? GWT Enterprise is a leader in designing, distributing and installing compressed air systems for various industrial and manufacturing plants. Reach out to us to find the best technology for your business needs!

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