Introduction to Oil Free Compressors and How They Work

GWT Enterprise | February 10, 2023

Air purity is crucial in many different applications as exposure to just a drop of oil or air contaminated with oil can cause significant damage to products and equipment. Not only will polluted air result in unnecessary downtime, but it will also increase the costs businesses will have to face. 

Hence, many have turned to oil-free air compressors to ensure stringent standards and the highest air quality levels are met without hiccups. 

Keep reading to find out more about oil-free air compressors and how they work. 

What are oil-free air compressors

Oil-free air compressors aim to provide air purity levels of 100% and are designed for settings and applications where uncontaminated air from oil is a prerequisite. There are three main types of oil-less technologies – rotary screw, scroll and reciprocating compressors – that help to achieve oil-free air quality. 

In a rotary screw oil-free air compressor, intermeshing rotors that do not touch are used and the oil for lubrication is separated from the compression chamber to prevent contamination. 

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On the other hand, a scroll oil-free air compressor utilises two intermeshing spirals or scrolls, with one stationary while the other turns. Lubrication is not necessary as there is no metal-to-metal contact between the spirals or scrolls, ensuring oil-free delivery. 

A reciprocating compressor comes in single or double-acting versions with oil-free and oil-lubricated piston compressors. The oil-free counterpart does not require oil in the compression chamber and uses pistons made from self-lubricating materials. 

Oil-injected vs oil-free air compressors

Oil-injected vs oil-free air compressors

Depending on the industry your business is in and your facility, choosing an oil-free air compressor over an oil-injected one could be better.

Oil-injected air compressor Oil-free air compressor
There is a risk of air quality getting contaminated by oil, affecting the end product and processes.  Provides 100% oil-free air quality, removing the risk, threat and consequences of oil contamination.
May have higher durability but are also typically noisier.  Produces less noise, which may be needed and beneficial in certain facilities and settings. 
Oil leaks may occur, causing harm to the environment.  A more environmentally-friendly option that helps to ensure compliance with regulations on environmental impact. 

Why opt for an oil-free air compressor?

Other than reducing your company’s environmental impact, producing less noise and offering 100% oil-free air quality, an oil-free air compressor will also prevent reputational loss, incurring additional costs and unnecessary downtime. 

Industries that will benefit from using an oil-free air compressor

Industries that will benefit from using an oil-free air compressor Food and beverage

  • Food and beverage

Compressed air is used in various production lines from filling to packaging and bottling – with an oil-free air compressor, the quality and safety of the end product get enhanced. 

  • Medical and healthcare

Clean compressed air is essential in many industries, but even more so in the medical and healthcare sector. Several medical applications require high-quality and uncontaminated air to ensure safe and successful processes and procedures. 

  • Chemical

An oil-free air compressor in the chemical industry increases safety by eliminating the possibility of explosions and plays an important role in aeration by supplying oxygen for the oxidation of chemicals, among other benefits. 

  • Electronics

Optimum air quality is also important in the electronics industry as it is necessary for maintaining high-quality products. An oil-free air compressor prevents oil from coming into contact with electronic components to avoid causing short circuits and malfunctions. 

Find out more about oil-free air compressors in Singapore

GWT Enterprise is the authorised distributor of Ceccato air compressors, air dryers and filters in Singapore. We bring in oil-free air compressors too that will fit right into your facility. 

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