Importance of Maintenance for your Air Compressor

GWT Enterprise | February 8, 2023

Like any mechanical machinery, air compressors need to be serviced regularly to maintain its optimal performance, reliability and longevity. Minor wear-and-tear issues can occur with time, and if these problems are overlooked, can develop into major costly repairs. To avoid potential disruption and downtime to your business, it is crucial to establish a consistent maintenance program that should be consistently followed. 

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Benefits of maintaining your air compressor regularly

Benefits of maintaining your air compressor regularly Money saving

#1 Money saving 

Emergency repairs are often costly. On top of service costs, you could easily be looking at huge productivity losses or spoiled end-products. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may even have to replace your air compressor system altogether. Systems that haven’t been properly maintained may also run inefficiently, which will lead to increased energy bills. Avoid this expensive problem by planning for regular preventive maintenance.

#2 Maximised efficiency 

Regular air compressor maintenance will ensure productivity continues at a set pace, which is vital for any company that manufactures products according to a strict timeline. When air compressors work at full capacity without disruption, the tools along the assembly can then perform at maximum speed, keeping the productivity flowing day in, day out.

#3 Increased lifespan 

One advantage of regular maintenance is that it can extend the lifespan of your equipment. Equipment replacement can result in potential disruptions to your operations and finances. Preventive maintenance is one of the best ways to increase the life expectancy of your assets. Keeping your air compressors well-lubricated and fixing small issues as needed can help your systems run smoothly for a long time.

#4 Improved workplace safety 

Improved workplace safety air compressor

Maintaining your air compressor can help enhance workplace safety. For one, unexpected equipment failure can pose a safety hazard since it may lead to other types of machinery malfunctioning. Maintenance routines can avoid problems occurring with your equipment that can put at risk the health and safety of your employees. 

How often should an air compressor be maintained? 

Air compressor servicing should be carried out at set intervals, such as every 12 months, but is more often based on hours. Maintenance for an air compressor with a 3,000 hour service can be carried out anywhere between 6 and 9 month intervals depending on the level of activity during that period.

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Tips for maintenance

Read the manual 

This tip might seem quite simple, but many owners of air compressors often forget entirely about the manual. Pay close attention to the maintenance guidelines outlined in it. These regulations will come in useful in caring for your air compressor and keep the warranty valid. That said, it is still advisable to engage an expert if the issue is a complex one. 

Check oil levels 

Rotary screw, reciprocating and pressure-lubricated compressors all require oil or a synthetic lubricant to run smoothly. If you are using a lubricated air compressor, be sure that it has a steady supply of clean oil. Check oil levels weekly or even daily and ensure they are within the manufacturer’s specifications.

Visually inspect the system

An important step in making sure your air compressor is in optimal shape is by conducting a full and thorough visual inspection. Conduct a visual examination at least once a week. Keep an eye out for oil leaks, dirty filters, loose fasteners or other obvious problems that could disrupt your air compressor’s operation.

Take note of unusual sounds 

Apart from doing your visual inspection, be sure to listen to your air compressor as well. If you notice something that sounds off, don’t ignore it. It is likely a problem you should address. If you can’t locate the source of the sound, call in a professional to diagnose the problem. 

It is crucial that you take steps to protect your compressed air system at all costs. By applying these regular preventive measures, you can save time and money in the long run. 

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