Choosing The Right Refrigerated Air Dryer for Your Needs

GWT Enterprise | February 20, 2023

A refrigerated air dryer is a type of compressed air dryer that is used for moving moisture from compressed air that contains water. Any time a compressor sucks in air, it brings in exterior moisture. For this reason, it is important to have an air dryer in place to prevent any potential damage and protect your equipment. But how does a refrigerated air dryer work, and how should you choose the right one for your business needs? 

GWT Enterprise is a leader in designing, distributing and installing compressed air systems in various industrial and manufacturing plants in Singapore, and this article shares all you should know when it comes to buying a refrigerated air dryer.

How does a refrigerated air dryer work?

How does a refrigerated air dryer work-refrigerated air dryer

Refrigerated air dryers perform with a similar principle to domestic refrigerators or home air conditioning systems. The compressed air is cooled in an air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger to about 35°F, a temperature that allows the moisture to condense and is drained off. An air-to-air heat exchanger is used to both pre-cool incoming air, and also re-heat the outgoing air as it leaves the air dryer. The compressed air that leaves the dryer has a pressure dew point of 35 to 50°F. 

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What to look for when choosing one?

What to look for when choosing one-refrigerated air dryer

In this section, we take a look at some of the most crucial factors to take into consideration as you look into purchasing a refrigerated air dryer for your needs.

Maximum pressure

When shopping for a refrigerated air dryer, keep in mind that the capacity and maximum pressure must be right for your compressor. The dryer’s maximum pressure should either be the same or higher than the maximum pressure of your compressor.

Inlet temperature

Every refrigerated air dryer comes with its own specified maximum inlet temperature. Exceeding this temperature could lead to damaging parts of the equipment. That said, there are some compressors that might have an after-cooler attached to the system, which will make sure the compressed air stays within reasonable temperature ranges.

Maximum flow

Maximum flow refers to the maximum amount of airflow that can run through your dryer, most typically measured in litres per second. If your air dryer is too small, this could result in significant drops in air pressure as the air will have a hard time passing through it.

Maximum room temperature

Have you considered where your air dryer will be located? If you’re placing it in a hot room, chances are it could overheat. Make sure the maximum operating temperature for your air dryer is able to accommodate the maximum temperatures in the room in which it will be operating. 

We hope this article has provided useful insight into choosing the most suited refrigerated air dryer. Refrigerated air dryers are known to be very energy efficient, making them a popular choice among many businesses. On the search for the best solution for your applications? GWT Enterprise carries an extensive selection of air compressors, air dryers, and much more. Reach out to our team today to learn more!

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