Air Dryers in Singapore

GWT Enterprise | September 2, 2022

High moisture air is harmful for a plant’s efficiency and the dependability of its downstream machinery. An equipment called an air dryer in Singapore is used to get rid of moisture from the air, especially compressed air. The relative humidity of ambient air is normally between 30 and 50%. Air that has been compressed has more moisture in a smaller volume. As a result, the surplus moisture that cannot be retained condenses, raising the relative humidity to 100%. Learn more about our air dryers and refrigerated air dryers and how they can help your business today!

Air Dryer Setup for your Air Compressors

A compressed air dryer is a piece of machinery used to remove moisture or water vapour from industrial process air. In a conventional network, an air dryer pulls in moist air, compresses it, and then cools the air, condensing water vapour out of the appliance.

On the other hand, refrigerated air dryers provide a dependable, affordable, and straightforward option to stop condensation and thereby prevent corrosion in your systems. This type of air dryer requires the least amount of maintenance.  By extension, it is known for lowering production costs by minimising downtime. The majority of refrigerated air dryers operate on the plug-and-play principle, making installation simple.

What does an Air Dryer do on an Air Compressor?

A vital part of compressed air systems is an air dryer. Air compression inevitably produces moisture and condensation. Within the compressor unit, as well as to the equipment and processes downstream, water can condense and build. Air Dryers help rid of the moisture that can potentially damage your compressor.

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