4 Benefits of Oil Free Air Compressors

GWT Enterprise | February 13, 2023

Oil-free air compressors have been gaining traction in Singapore and around the world thanks to their ability to deliver high-quality air quickly and consistently. 

While their oil-injected counterparts have a reputation for being the preferred option when it comes to heavy-duty projects, oil-free air compressors have a myriad of benefits that make them so popular. 

Hence, if you are still considering whether or not to invest in oil-free air compressors, these advantages of having them in your facility will convince you to take the plunge – keep reading to find out more. 

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1. Uncontaminated air

Uncontaminated air-oil-free air compressor

Like its name suggests, an oil-free air compressor offers 100% uncontaminated air to help businesses avoid compromising the quality and standards of products and processes. This is done by using technologies such as self-lubricating materials or intermeshing spirals to prevent metal-to-metal contact which will require oil lubrication. 

An oil-free air compressor will come in especially handy if your business is in the pharmaceutical, electrical and food and beverage industries where good air quality is necessary for various applications. 

Maintaining unpolluted air in the facility will not just help your business ensure the quality of products, but also prevent reputational damage.

2. Less tedious maintenance

Oil-injected compressors will require regular oil changes as well as air or oil separation and filtration equipment to remove aerosols. Additionally, the oil collected will have to be responsibly disposed of according to regulations to reduce environmental impact. These call for extra effort, time and money that can all be avoided with an oil-free air compressor

Compared to the tedious steps of maintaining an oil-injected compressor, choosing oil-free air compressors means less maintenance as you will only have to drain vapour collected in the tank. This smaller maintenance commitment improves productivity in the workplace too.

3. Reduces overall costs

Most oil-free air compressors are typically less expensive to purchase upfront because of their simple design and fewer parts, but the final cost will still depend on the type of product, its size and the horsepower you choose. 

Nevertheless, choosing oil-free versions will still help your business save on overall costs, as there will be fewer parts to replace during repairs and regulators to guarantee efficient energy usage in the long run. 

4. Produces less noise

Produces less noise-oil-free air compressors

Several factors ranging from friction to smooth concrete floors that amplify noises can all contribute to a noisy air compressor. Thankfully, oil-free air compressors produce less noise, with some as low as 48 dB which is equivalent to the sounds heard in a library and when having a normal conversation. 

Noise levels higher than 70 dB can be detrimental to employees after a prolonged period of working near air compressors and earplugs may have to be provided. Therefore, opting for an oil-free air compressor could be a better option for a more conducive and healthy working environment. 

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oil-free air compressors in Singapore from GWT Enterprise

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